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Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Living Room Cosy This Winter

Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Living Room Cosy This Winter

Winter is a dismal time of year. Before you know it, darkness is descending and everywhere feels a little colder. When it comes to keeping cosy in your home this year, there are some great ways that you can banish the winter blues and make sure that your home is cosy, comfortable and warm. After all, we’re all waiting for the winter to pass so that we can enjoy summer once more.

Winter can be a miserable time, but you don’t have to let that into your home. Use these amazing interior design tips and ensure that your home is the embodiment of warm, cosy and comfortable during the long dark months.

Daryl Mitchell

Invest in Blinds

Blackout blinds are a great way to keep the darkness out, but to ensure that you are keeping the warmth it. Blinds make for a striking feature in any room. So, whether you opt for blackout blinds, Venetian or roller blinds you can ensure that your room is cosy and comfortable this winter. Dressing windows is pivotal at this time of year. After all, you want to keep the draft out. No one wants to feel a chill in the air when they are snuggled up on the sofa. Blinds in Edinburgh, London and beyond can be found from a wide range of retailers online, so make sure that you make your living room is as snug as can be this winter.

Fabrics to Enhance a Room

Materials of all descriptions are perfect for keeping the cold at bay. Investing in huge rugs for your living room is an excellent way to ensure that your room is warm during the winter months. Having a heated living space is imperative. Carpets, curtains and other fabrics are perfect for trapping the cold air. Cable knit pillows are perfect for homes that have leather sofas within them. Leather, as gorgeous as it looks, can be something of a problem when it comes to winter. By adding cosy features such as cable knit cushions, your home is not only warm during the cold, dark months, but it will look stylish and fabulous too.

Sealing up Gaps

Okay, so DIY may not be your forte, but it’s important to make sure that your home is warm during the winter. With this in mind, you need to start sealing gaps around windows and doors. This ensures that you are not losing valuable heating. Sealing up gaps can reduce your utility bills. Make sure that cracks and gaps around your foundations and walls are sealed. You can use a wide range of different materials, but many prefer to use caulk. Foam is an excellent alternative for those who are a little more advanced when it comes to DIY and is better on large cracks and holes. Many of these fillers are paintable too, so you don’t have to worry about leaving an ugly mess in your living room.

Preparing your home, so it is fit for winter is a great way to beat the blues of the cold, rainy season. So, while the weather may be miserable, your home is anything but.


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