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Top Tips For Making a House a Home

Top Tips For Making a House a Home

You’ve just bought a new house. It’s all very exciting, getting to move into somewhere new and make the space your own. But sometimes when you move into a new house you just can’t make it feel like home. Even after you’ve furnished and decorated, it still feels like there’s something missing. You feel like you’re just staying there, and it doesn’t truly belong to you. Sometimes all it takes to make a house feel like home is time, but sometimes you have to put in a bit more effort. Adding a few little touches to your house will have you feeling like you belong in no time.

Use Your House to Its Full Potential

Although buying a house through Hamptons will find you a home suited to you, it doesn’t mean you’ll feel at home straight away. One of the best ways you can feel like your house is truly your own is to put it to good use. Make your home feel lived in by making sure you’re living in every inch of it. Cook your meals in the kitchen and eat in the dining room. Spend time curled up on the sofa in the living room and lounging in bed in your bedroom. If you don’t spend enough time in your house, it will just feel like somewhere you come and go from.

Make Sure You Display Your Favourite Things

Make your house feel like a home by putting your precious possessions front and centre. Display your favourite photographs and show off the souvenirs you brought back from your memorable holidays. Use objects that evoke memories for you and walking around your home will make you feel sentimental.

Make Your Home a Delight to the Senses

If your house is feeling a bit cold and empty, stimulate all of your senses with your decoration and activities. People often say that the smell of baking bread attracts buyers to a home, so make your home more attractive to you with pleasant smells. It doesn’t have to be baking bread – use your favourite air freshener or incense sticks. You can also play music, which helps to evoke memories and emotions. Cover your furniture with upholstery, blankets and throws you can snuggle into and take comfort in. And of course make your house pleasing to the eye, with decoration that you enjoy.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Like

If you have things in your home that you feel are just hanging around, get rid of them. Don’t keep things you don’t like just because you can’t be bothered to throw them away. You should like all of your home and everything in it.

Look After Your Home

Care for your home and care about what happens to it, and your emotional attachment will grow. Keep it clean and tidy and think about it positively. Look for the good things in your home and focus on the what you love about it. It’s difficult to make your home perfect, but you can learn not to dwell on the things you wish you could change about it.

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